Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weird things happen.

You know how you have an idea how your day will proceed, and then it all takes a sharp turn to the left?

Jules went down the the video store yesterday, to get a DVD for last night. And he came home with a helicopter!
Well, strictly speaking it was some kind of gyro (2 seater). And it had a man in it - guy by the name of Don - who is delivering the gyro from near Tamworth, to York (outside Perth)
He has been flying it over, landed last night and needed a safe place to store it overnight. So he and Jules got to chatting in the street, and Jules offered our backyard for the night.
What an interesting man! and what an amazing adventure to be taking! The gyro is the cutest little thing, although I would guess they could be very dangerous.
So I took some photos of course!

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