Tuesday, December 29, 2009

boxing day

We were lucky enough to get to spend Boxing Day with 2 of the grandies (Levi and Isaac) in Kalgoorlie.
Lindell painted their faces, Katie and Levi were both puppies.

It was really HOT so the kids played on the new water slide....

and we celebrated Levis' birthday with THIS fabulous cake, made by Lindell. It looked amazing!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

flower power

I have made ornaments with polystyrene balls before, but this has to be my fave so far!

It was REALLY EASY and pretty quick, cost hardly anything to make. I used a whole pkt of 2cm Kaiser paper flowers but they were only $2 for the pkt. The pearls were leftovers from my stash (HOW MUCH do I <3 Kaiser???) and I bought the pkt of balls several years ago, intending to do wondrous things with them :(

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daily in December

Oh, I seriously doubt I will get a daily entry here but never mind, day one is done

We are doing this challenge over at AD...
The idea is that each day I will take at least one photo to document our daily life in December. Daily life here, it has to be said, is pretty mundane. But I'll do my best.
This photo shows the advent calendar, which is likely the most exciting thing that will happen today (unless we won Lotto last night)
Tomorrow is pretty cool though -- our 9th wedding anniversary!!

advent calendar....

Our advent calendar was finished last night (whew!) after a mammoth effort yesterday -- my own fault, I've had the kit for weeks but kept dithering about doing it.
Anyway -- as with ALL Kaiser kits, the frame went together beautifully, the only hitch being that I ran out of burgundy paint and so the coverage isn't that flash. I would like to give it another coat, so I'll have to remember to put paint on the next Kalgoorlie shopping list.
The papers I used to cover the boxes are Kaisers' Dear Santa range, very traditional Christmas colours and patterns.
I also used a Hot Off the Press PP for the background of the mini-LO, plus a KI Memories sticker. The photo was taken last Christmas Eve, using the timer.

I really loved doing this one, except for the dratty paint LOL Christmas is SO MUCH FUN for craft junkies!!