Saturday, February 28, 2009

True Survivors

We are just wrapping up the latest challenge over at Hybrid, our Survivor challenge -- the criteria was to scrap about something you have survived and use the word (in some form) in the title. The gallery is filled with the most amazing LOs! some funny, some sad, some triumphant -- all spectacular! I'm just amazed, reading some of the stories, at how brave these girls have been, both in surviving the things that have happened to them, and in scrapping the stories. NOT easy to put the 'hard stuff' down on paper -- even less easy to post it up for all the world to see.
If you have some time and feel like being inspired, pop over and take a peek.

I'm posting my LO here, but of course I am not in the comp.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Silent Auction Fundraiser

Please support this fundraiser, girls. There are some great lots on offer.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Marias' CC challenge

I just did this digi LO for Marias' CC challenge -- am very pleased as I normally wouldn't even try to use so many embellies (they panic me a bit LOL)

I used:
Carrie Stephens Counting Sheep Barely There paper; Galiscrap Eucalyptus kit ribbon; Shabby Princess Moody Blues, Promise ribbons ;happy scrap I Love Paris tag, fairy charm and flourish; sunflowers Romantic Flowery 2 edging.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm getting so hungry, dinner smells great! We're having a roast marinated in red wine and garlic, with roasted beetroot, apple and kumara, green beans picked from the garden (the ones that survived the kids!) and frizzled sage leaves (also home-grown.
I think we'll have to open a nice bottle of red to go with it all.



When we went on holidays last year, we spent some time with Jules'family instead of just mine, which is what usually happens! Took his mum with us on the houseboat, and had a ball. We got lucky and his brother Glenn was able to join us, with his GF and his 2 kids. So the cousins got to play together for the first time, and they got along really well. it helps that they're all great kids! or does that sound a little prejudiced?

lam template
MCO papers and alphas
Kjirsties Designs Flying High embellie
Owl Love You Forever owl and heart
Carrie Stephens Counting Sheep paper

Saturday, February 21, 2009

SouthWest WA

This one I did just for me. I love rocks and surf, even on grey windy rainy days. This photo was taken at Canal Rock on the SW coast of WA.

I used:

Moon Designs template
Cottage Arts flourish brushes
GaliScrap Eucalyptus kit
Carrie Stephens Spontaneous Delight kit
Bookman Old Style font
Kimbs' Designs Roche alphabet.

Also please don't look at the kerning LOL. I take full responsibility for it, I'm tired and my 'eye' is outta whack.

CC- Kyms' challenge

The Amazing Kym just set her first CC challenge last night, and this is my take on it.

Drew and Krystels' wedding from last year... I used part of their vows for the journalling.

I also used:
Christina Brown Bubbles template
Galiscrap Eucalyptus kit
Carrie Stephens Design Sparklers
CK Curly font

CC -- Anns' challenge

Ann set a great challenge for the Feb CyberCrop at Hybrid. Here is my take on it.
I did this and then deleted it by accident instead of saving, so re-did it, and only just wondered if the black mat would be ok. But it doesnt matter really I guess since I'm not eligible to win anyway LOL

I used:
Shabby Princess - Shabby Mommy papers
Shabby Princess Amore brads
CK Curly font
Moon Designs Template

All of this is FREE girls, if you want to try digi there is some awesome free stuff available.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

scrappy pages for the bushfire victims

Sarah has organised to collect pages for the Victorian families who lost everything in the bushfires. She's asking scrappers to make 'blank' pages that can have photos titles etc added later -- and they are being collected and distibuted to those who need them.

If you have a few minutes and can do even one or two pages, please do. I know it would mean a huge amount to me if I were in that situation, to have a stranger take the time to create something beautiful for me out of such tragedy.

Monday, February 16, 2009


We spent the weekend in Esperance -- went down to see how Gage is getting on and he didn't want to leave the College! which was actually a big relief to me. So he is clearly enjoying himself.

We did some touristy-type shopping, went into the Homewares shop and I got to pick out my Valentines' Day present -- a huge red and gold glass bowl, it's gorgeous. I'll post a pic if I can get a decent one.
We went to the Turkish bakery for lunch, strolled on the beach, watched the container ships being loaded, went for a drive on the coast -- all just lovely.
I did a little bit of baby shopping (have 2 grandbabys on the way) and finished my book.

It was very windy all weekend and there was a lot of seaspray in the air which is why the ocean pics are so hazy, but I kinda like it like that.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I just made myself a new banner -- will be doing a blinkie to match when my brain has had a nap!
I've also scrapped a LO today so as you can guess, there's not a whole lot of housework going on LOL

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I've been having a BLAST the last couple of days, making blinkies for some GFs and my mum. They are so fun, and quite easy once you get the hang of it -- but of course I am using pre-made elements by some very talented digi artists!
I'm not sure how the whole copyright thingy works -- hard to give credit on a blinkie! but I'm happy to remove anything that upsets anyone.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I've just added a new challenge blog to the list, this one is Black With 2 and they have a terrific challenge running this month -- check it out!

Here's my entry -- I went digi with this one. The photo is of my 2 sisters and I comparing rings -- can you tell we're sisters by looking at our hands?

I used papers and elements from Shabby Princess; Pouyou Designs ; Carrie Stephens; and Designer Digitals

I'm really happy with the look of this LO but most of all I love it cos I love my sisters. XOX

Monday, February 9, 2009

perfect pie

Anyone who knows Jules, knows that he absolutely adores Jack and Katie. The sceensaver was on last week and this photo popped up, and Jules told me this is his all-time favourite baby photo of Katie, so I sneakily scrapped it for his album.
And he loves it (despite all the flowers)
He has always called her Pie (in fact he once wrote on an official form that her full name is Katie Pie Laws whch is kinda weird) and I think part of the connection is because he delivered her himself, he's amazed by the fact that he was the very first person ever to hold her.

I scrapped this LO according to Anns' challenge criteria over at Hybrid.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My little secret.... is out!

This is my entry in the Butterfly Crafts challenge -- scrapping a guilty pleasure!

I used:
Little Yellow Bicycle paper
bra strap
felt swirls
Kaiser red pearls
AC Thickers and red Stickles
AC rub-ons
blingy flower
red gem heart
Carolees creations tiny black alphas
photo corner sticker
journalling block from swap
7G tab (juict details!)

The journalling reads:
My guilty pleasure is reading trashy romance novels!
I prefer the historical kind, and if there's an arrogant pirate involved, so much the better!
I buy them 2ndhand and hide them in my bedside drawer cos I don't want anyone to see them!

Well, I guess I can put them in the bookshelves now I have 'outed' myself.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is my entry in the Feb Out of the Hat challenge -- using
red & purple

Of course, with those criteria, what else could I do?

The Dockers are my greatest passion after my family, friends and scrapbooking!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Because I was ALL BY MYSELF today, I hopped on the WiiFIT which I haven't been able to do for 78 days -- too many interruptions -- and did a half hour workout (too too hot for more)
Seems I have only 7 kilos to lose to get into my ideal BMI range, so that doesn't sound too hard.
The difficult part is getting rid of the flab -- I know that technically I AM a nana, but that doesn't mean I love my Nana Arms!!

And I promise that I will stopp saying ALL BY MYSELF soon -- when the delirium wears off.

New school year

Gage is settled in at Esperance Residential College, for Yr 11. He has never been away from home before apart from sleepovers so this is a big step for him and for us. I have to get a pic of him in his new school uniform yet.
We made up his bed and put all his stuff away so it was nice that i got to do the Mum thing at least. And we'll take down some stuff from his room next time, to make it a bit more home-like.

Katie started kindy this morning -- very excited to be such a big girl! She wore her new uniform and her new shoes, and her enormous hat. She had a backpack so full she looked like a little Sherpa.

At kindy, we looked at where her bag would go, hung up her hat, she did a few puzzles then gave me a kiss and 'bye Mum!' very cheerfully -- and that was that!
I walked to my car ALL BY MYSELF, got into my EMPTY CAR, and drove home ALL BY MYSELF with the music as loud as I wanted it (not that loud, really -- it's Dido. Note to self -- change CD to George Thorogood)

See? empty car!

Now I'm sitting at home and the only sounds are the washing machine and the keyboard. BLISS! smiley face smiley face smiley face
Till noon anyway.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Awwww THANKS ladies!

I have had some virtual hugs and kind words from various people -- some I know personally and some I've never met -- since my last post. What a nice bunch of girls you are! You cheered me up, when I needed it -- thanks to you all!