Thursday, January 12, 2012

a nice post

This morning, the Kindle I ordered on Monday (from the US) -- the one that was shipped on Tuesday (from the US) -- arrived on my doorstep.


YOU lost the bloody present I sent (from WA to Qld) to my nephew before Christmas, and now I have to buy a new one. And I think I'll buy it from AMERICA and have it sent direct to him this time.

In fact, I may just stop buying Australian altogether and just have everything shipped in from Amazon.



So sorry, PMSchick seems to have barged in on my post -- let's get back to the NICE bit, shall we?

I got my Kindle, and I charged it, and I d/lded a few books to it (including a German dictionary for when we go to Germany) and I'm going to go read something calming in a moment. Possibly not the dictionary.

(the German dictionary is called 'duden deutsches universalwörterbuch'. Best dictionary name EVER.)

I wonder how many more times I can fit the word 'dictionary' into this post?

(and, how do I make umlauts?)


I also got some beautiful flowers from my DIL.

They were a complete surprise, and absolutely made my day.

Even more than the dictionary.


  1. I'm thinking of buying a kindle soon. Is it super easy for non-tech-minded people to use? Do they come in pretty colours?
    I love real books, but when I'm on the bus reading on my way to work, I just hate getting to those laat few pages and then having nothing to read while I'm at work or on the way home again. Carrying extra books is just too heavy now.

  2. ENJOY your AMERICAN SENT Kindle Toni !!!! :)

  3. River, I would heartily recommend it for exactly that reason. My paperbacks get 'chewed up' in my bag, plus they're heavy to cart round.

    Mine was about $160 with cover, and it's a basic model with a D-pad (4 direction buttons plus one in the middle)
    You CAN get them with a keyboard and with a touchscreen but I didn't want those (yet -- might change my mind later.)

    It is VERY easy to use -- my 7 year old Princess can turn it on and off, and bookmark her page for herself already.

    It's amazingly easy to use the store, and unbelievably quick to download.

    I think you would really like it!!

    Not sure about colours but you can definitely buy all sorts of skins and covers. I covet this skin
    and this cover

  4. Haha. Nothing much to add. But I read this, loved it. Especially the dictionary bit. ;)

  5. Ooh, I got myself a Kindle Fire for Christmas! Too bad we can't share books. I think you'll really enjoy it. Glad we got it there so fast!

  6. I hear you on the umlaut. For me, the tone marks on Chinese characters. It's really annoying as I digitise my flashcard collection (there are just too many now to actually carry around!).


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