Sunday, June 9, 2013

r is for re-boot

My husband just bought me a new laptop; the old one was dying and refused to start without some help in the mornings (much like myself).

My old lappie was about 6 -- and ran on Vista -- meaning that I've not only had to contend with swapping all my stuff over from Old Faithful to New Unknown, I've also had to battle a new OS -- the dreaded Windows 8.

Add in that we bought a new printer, too -- one that prints WIRELESSLY -- and you'll see that I have had my head turned inside out with all the New Learnings and Figuring Outs.

For a while, each new task meant that I had to work out a bunch of other things as well, and it took me so long just to do each small thing (like, to add desktop shortcuts to my favourite websites took about 2 hours. Not. Even. Kidding.)

However, I'm on the downhill slope now YAY

and I'm not completely driven mad.


  1. Yay for a new laptop and printer!!
    I'm actually annoyed that each new computer comes pre-programmed with the latest version of windows. My first computer had windows98 and I was very happy with it, my first laptop had windows XP and I really loved that. This laptop came with windows7, it took a bit of getting used to, but not much. I've heard that windows8 is really hard to navigate, I heard that about vista too. Was it terribly hard or just very different?

  2. I used to be a total luddite, but these days I'm mad for all things technology. A car I've borrowed and picked up yesterday has fully integrated Bluetooth and rather than the big wank I thought it was, it's a revelation. Bring on wireless technology!!! x


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