Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt??

I saw an interview with Matt one night, and was just so impressed.

If you don't know his story, he's just an ordinary guy - a bit geeky in a totally cool kind of way - an American who was living and working in Australia. He used to do this funny little dance to hurry up his friends so they could go to lunch -- and then when they went on holidays overseas, his friend (who had the camera) said "do the dance" - and then they just kind of kept doing it.
The trip was posted on Matts' blog (the link is on the RHS) and word got around. Clearly something about the dance was attracting people.

Every time I watch the video, I get goosebumpy. Yeah, I know, I'm a sook -- but this is just so cool for so many reasons. look at the joy on peoples' faces! how often do you see that in this world?
And I really really LOVE that Matt has no axe to grind - not commercial, not political -- he's just a guy, making a difference.

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