Friday, January 30, 2009


Tomorrow we take our boy away to boarding school. Now, I'm quite confident in the place he is going to be boarding at -- but it feels so very odd to be sending my boy away to live with a bunch of strangers. And it's the beginning of the end. The day is coming when we will have only two at home. While that will be good in some ways, it is also pretty sad. I have been a bit snivelly all day, packing his stuff. I hate change.


  1. Must be really hard Toni...*hugs*

  2. Hugs to you :) Change is hard especially when a child leaves the will adjust, it will just take a bit of teary time.

  3. Toni I understand it is hard sending hugs your way.
    You will have a few teary moments but in time you will adjust.
    Lv Ann x x

  4. Chin up Toni,it must be hard on you all having to send him to boarding school, but you had no choice I say cry and let it all out then you'll feel alot better.....
    Hopefully he will have a great experience at school and settle well into something so new to him.....
    Hugs from Darwin


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