Monday, March 16, 2009

news round-up

Just a quick update -- I sent Jules off to Kalgoorlie over the weekend.
He had some guy to meet and I thought that would be boring, plus I couldn't take Katie near my grandson because the poor little thing (Katie) has had school sores! I nearly didn't type that, I'm so horrified! I'd never even seen them before, and I guess there's still such a stigma attached to things like sores and lice. For me, anyway! So she's fine to go back to school tomorrow, she's been on antibiotics and creams and things for her dermatitis (which is probably why she picked up the school sores in the first place, because her skin is so compromised)
ANYWAY, so we stayed here and what a good thing! as I spent all day yesterday throwing up. I couldn't even hold water down, and couldn't stay awake. The poor kids ran amok so their rooms look like nothing on Earth, and I think they must have fed themselves cos they don't look starved.
Poor Jules got home to a madhouse LOL
But he DID bring a new 46inch plasma TV and a PS3 to replace our old DVD player. He also got me the TombRaider game on PS3 (I have it on Wii but it's different across the various consoles) so if I felt better I would be tremendously EXCITED!
Hopefully I can get in to see the doctor today and then I can play my new game.


  1. Poor Toni :( Not good. I guess on the plus side, at least Jack isn't sick too! Don't feel bad about Katie, kids get these things. School sores.. I dunno.. I don't have a stigma, just a complete lack of faith in Dr's. They told me Jess had school sores, Jess has Hand Foot and Mouth disease etc.. it went on for months until the MRSA diagnosis!!!!!

    On another note, I was popping in here to leave you a link. I don't know what blogs you follow, but this lady has a ton of PS tutorials. Some like rounded corners I see you've already mastered, but anyhow..

    Get better!! Thinking of you xx

  2. Awww poor you Toni...I know how you feel....big hugs for you and a bandaid cos ask any kid they make everything better!!!

  3. Hey there Toni...... Funny how I was thinking of you and I just happen to click on hybrid designs and there you are.... and WOW you can digi scrap too... I don't have a clue when it comes to - so my hat goes off to you chick! How have you been good I hope.... guess what I am having another baby! It's due in July. Now I will stop by and keep tabs on you!!! lol

    Take Care

    Leeann Pearce - Kalgoorlie chick!

  4. Hi Toni,

    Did you get yourself into the doctor's today, hope your starting to feel better, it sucks when your sick rest up and take care of yourself...
    Have you played your new game yet?


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