Friday, March 20, 2009

South African Butterflies

Look what arrived in the post today!

A mysterious package from a foreign land!! (South Africa)

and inside were...... these!

One had its' little wing slightly bent

but I fixed it in no time.

Thankyou Jacki!! I just LOVE them!


  1. There gorgeous Toni, I hope these inspire you to get a paper layout done, how beautiful are they and there is loads....

  2. Hi Toni, very proud to announce that I've completed 2 layouts for Hybrid, one is for your monthly challenge and the 2nd is for Maria's challenge for the CC. It's getting dark here so I will photograph and upload tomorrow. I did them for you as I like you so much and you are such a good blogging friend that I wanted to support your site and hope I made you proud, Tiff :o)

  3. Oh and those butterflies are just gorgeous by the way.

  4. How lovely for you Toni :) Little RAOK's are so much fun.

    PS. just an idea, maybe use some of your magnifique photoshop skills and blur out your addy? Unless it's your way of hinting for more RAOK's :P

    (RAOK = Random Act Of Kindness)


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