Sunday, August 2, 2009


For those who have never heard of them, inchies are like one-inch square mini LOs!
We made 100 of them, 10 each in 10 different designs, in our assigned colour, then sent them all in, and got back one of each kind. I have stuck mine to a 12x12 sheet of white CS and am currently hunting down a 12x12 frame for them. When it is done I will hang it in my scrapspace as a reminder of all the fabulously talented girls at AD!

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  1. Hey gorgeous gal, been way toooo long, sorry for not popping in (oops almost typed pooping hehe) more. I agree with your radio comments below, so well said HERE, HERE. Also your layout below is divine, I love the Buzz and Bloom Too Tweet chippies, they are gorgeous and compliment your layout perfectly and OMG, the inchies look sooooooo good. Could you do me a favour and give me the heads up the next time this is up, I'd love to join in, just fab, chat soon sweetie, Tiff xx.


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