Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm so grateful for fire...

It's been cold. And wet. For ever.

We have a tile fire in the house, similar to this one (although admittedly not as clean)

and I love it. I don't give a rats about carbon except when it gets on my hands, or global warming unless it means I am no longer freezing. The fire is my True Love in winter.

Of course, to have a successful wood fire, you need wood. And wood doesn't just grow on trees, you know.

Oh .. wait...

.... what I mean to say is, you either have to run a trailer and a chainsaw and go out into the forest and cut up logs, and load them into the trailer and bring them home and unload them and stack them neatly in your shed, or pay someone a lot of money to bring you loads of wood, and then stack it neatly in your shed.

Either way, Fabio provides. His hard work means that we are toasty warm and comfortable all winter, and as I look out onto grey skies and pouring rain, I am ever so grateful for fire. And my Fabio.


  1. Aaahh.
    That makes me feel warmer!
    I too, lose all sense of environmental responsibility if I am COLD. Enjoy that fire!

  2. Do you have lots of space on the top of your wood burner? Enough to put an old fashioned kettle and have 24 hour hot water for coffee? Enough space to put a big old pot with soup to keep hot? We had one of those way back in 1987. Every time the kettle got half empty we'd top it up and pull it to the front until it boiled, then push it back and to the side a bit where it would stay hot enough for coffee all day long. The kids would clean out their rooms and burn heaps of old school papers, I'd burn no longer needed old letters and bills etc. It was really great. The dad-in-law would bring us a trailer load of mallee stumps each winter until we sold the house.

  3. We have a standard fireplace and gather wood from the reserve next door. I would love one of these combustion wood burners to slot into the fireplace because, really, the traditional style does nothing much at all to heat anything! But great for toasting marshmallows... x

  4. One of the few downfalls of living in Darwin is that it is nowhere near cold enough for a wood fire. My parents had a combustion wood fire put in when I was around 10, and I used to love curling up in front of it on a cold night watching the flames lick the wood. When we lived in Sydney in 2008, we has a little food fire in our little duplex. The fireplace was put in such a dodgy spot, that the chimney was on a 45 degree angle as it exited the external wall, and then went vertically up the side of the house. We hardly ever got the damn thing lit because of the dodgy chimney, but we did manage to set the smoke alarm off numerous times. I had such high hopes for that little fireplace, and I ended up so disappointed.


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