Thursday, July 7, 2011

well I'm glad I'm not paying for that.....

Since The Big Rain (last week? whenever that was, anyway) two of the toilets and my washing machine have been draining slowly so the plumber arrived today and has dug up half the front yard, and he's now telling me that he thinks the rain pushed the tank up out of the ground and has broken some pipes etc.

So now my front yard looks like an artillery range and my drains are all exposed to the view of every passer-by. How embarrassment.

The hunt for the tanks and the pipes was interesting though. While the plumber and his apprentice wandered around the yard, several of the neighbours stopped to say where they thought everything might be. Is it kind of weird that random strangers think they know where your sewage lies?

Anyway, WHY DON'T PEOPLE LEAVE SOME KIND OF INFORMATION ABOUT THIS STUFF? You would think it would save a lot of time (and therefore, money) to have plumbers able to go straight to the part of the yard that might need digging up.
AND -- it looks like there is drainage under the paved driveway, which will need to be dug up as well.

** NOTE TO SELF --plan the drainage well if we ever get the chance to build...


  1. "Plan the drainage.."
    That's on my list too, if I should ever get the chance to build. I plan on finding out the standard sizes for drainage pipes then getting bigger ones to cope with run off, or a bigger tank, or a bigger whatever it is that is needed, so that I don't have the problem you now have. Plus a huge ginormous rainwater tank.

  2. yikes Toni!!
    I bet you are glad you dont have to pay for that!!

  3. obviously planned by a MALE!!! heeheehee !!!! cause us gals wouldn't think of putting drainage pipes UNDER the paved driveway :)

  4. Good that you didn't have to pay for that!

  5. Hee hee.
    Brings back memories of Hubby and his Dad digging up the entire front and back gardens looking for an elusive retic solonoid.
    The guy who installed everything around here was a gas fitter so every pipe underground (gas or not) is a gas pipe!
    Makes us wanna smoke a little gas pipe at times!!!

  6. It hasn't rained here since March 1 but your post made me remember the time back in Illinois when my basement flooded. Fond memories? Not!
    Photos and maps for the next owners of the house while everythng is torn up? And 'scrappin' is right - a woman would have never let it happen!

  7. There is a leak in or outside of the home we are renting and I've got excess water bills. Help? Do I call a plumber in and do I have to clean the house first?


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