Thursday, August 18, 2011

now where did she hear that?

The Princess brought home Weston the Wombat yesterday.
This is a ploy used by Year 1 teachers at her school, to encourage the kids to write. Weston is a stuffed toy, and he stays with each child for two nights, and he has a Book of Adventures, where the kids have to write what Weston did while at their house.

So of course, he had to come to karate with us tonight. And the Princess explained the rules.

"Weston, you have to be very quiet at karate, and no calling out to me, or you'll bugger my concentration."


  1. Bless her little cotton sox!!
    I miss my little puppy.

    Good to see you back! xx

  2. heehee out of the mouths of babes !!!!!!

  3. Don't you just hate it when kids pick up stuff from TV??!!

  4. My concentration is often buggered and I don't have a Weston to blame.

  5. LMAO @ River!!!!

    Red I am blushing cos she certainly didn't get it from the tv!

    scrappin' girl, Ker and mum on the run -- this kid is full of comments like that, the hard part is not letting her see me laugh.

  6. Toni, thats ALWAYS the hardest part :)


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