Monday, December 24, 2012

merry Christmas

*insert standard Christmas message*

But you know what? I really mean it. I really do hope you have a lovely Christmas, surrounded by your loved ones. That you eat too much, and maybe drink a little too much, that you play backyard cricket with the kids or laze around in front of the fire, playing Monopoly. I hope your day is filled with love and joy and peace.

I hope you stay safe, and that everyone you know stays safe, and that you get some nice gifts, and that you are able to enjoy giving as well.

Merry Christmas.


  1. Merry Christmas, MIL!

  2. Oh I'm definitely going to eat too much.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. What a beautiful wish! Thank you. And I wish the same for you and yours.

  4. I wish all those same things for you, Toni. Wishing blessings for you and your family this holiday, and all the coming year. Maybe 2013 is the year I'll finally get to meet you.

  5. Merry Christmas Toni! And (given I'm a bit late) Happy New Year!
    Love and hugs
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit


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