Saturday, December 1, 2012

the Christmas Feast

Like any sane parent, I normally avoid taking the kids shopping, but yesterday was Shopping Day and it didn't happen like it was meant to as I had my poor little girl home vomiting.

So we ventured out today, and it wasn't *too* bad -- I went in with a short list and came out with a full trolley, but I often do that.
I told the kids I would have to sell one of them to pay for the groceries, and they would have to decide which kid it would be, and that kept them amused (along with other shoppers in the checkout line) for quite a while, till they decided that they would both stay and I would have to wash dishes out the back of Woollies.

I noticed a number of Christmas items on sale, so I grabbed a pav (yes, I know I should be making one) and a frozen turkey roll. We've only just started having turkey at Christmas, and we get the rolls for convenience. They're pretty yum!!

Our menu is mostly the same, year after year. A baked ham (glazed or crusted), turkey, potato salad, green salad, watermelon salad, gazpacho for me, and a selection of desserts which always always includes Christmas Pud and Brandy Custard.

Fabio and I had a talk the other day about they way we usually do Christmas -- which is, presents, then brekky, then a mad rush of cooking to get lunch on the table.

I asked him if we would mind instead doing presents, then brunch, then an early Christmas dinner at about 6 or so. And that's what we're going to trial.
I'm hoping it means I get to relax a bit and enjoy the day, instead of constantly stressing.

What do you do? lunch or dinner? big family get-together or quiet at-home? is your day relaxed or stressed?


  1. We normally do a big lunch, too, but we've decided to trial dinner this year. I'd like time to sit and enjoy Christmas, instead of being in the darn kitchen all day!

  2. YES! exactly! I hope you enjoy it :)

  3. Toni if we are spending Christmas day at home ... this is EXACTLY what we do ... 2 meals and HEAPS of nibblies in between !!!

  4. I never had a set routine, but I did do any possible cooking the day before, so we could be more relaxed about mealtimes. Our Christmas lunch was always cold foods, or a barbecue with salads, once we realised that no-one really cared about the whole traditional Christmas dinner.

    1. I have to admit, it was a bit easier when we had cold chicken and cold ham -- I do the potato salad the night before, as it tastes better for sitting a while anyway.
      This year, the kids are old enough to help with salad making, so that should be ..... fun.....


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