Wednesday, February 6, 2013

e is for everything

I'm late in getting this post up, but I do have an excuse. I'm packing my house. Everyone who has ever packed a house on their own just groaned.

Apart from the stress and the sad and heavy heart, it's all going well.

I've got rid of a lot of stuff (even more once the kids went back to school), and the new house is bigger than this one, so I'm hoping to be significantly de-cluttered.


First week back at school is "awesome" (according to The Princess, and "yeah, ok" according to Mr 11.
They both like their teachers, and they both have had to explain that, sorry, we're moving, and Mum accidentally packed my scissors/calculator/art shirt, so she says I won't be able to bring it till next week.



In an effort to relax at night, I'm re-reading the first volume in the Otherland series, by Tad Williams, City of Golden Shadow.
I love this book so much, I've read it till it literally fell apart (it's in 3 chunks now).


I'm a little addicted to MasterChef The Professionals. Fortunately, the kids like it too, because we only have one tv.


One of our hermit crabs died this week. MY GOD they smell horrible when they're dead.


I will have no internet for a lifetime (5-10 working days) after we move. This is possibly the worst news ever. Good thing I have my book to keep me company.

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  1. I hope the move goes well and you get settled quickly. Get the beds made up first thing so you have somewhere to rest and keep all the tea/coffee/snack things handy in one box. Because you will need a cup of something halfway through. Remember not to send this box in the truck.


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