Tuesday, October 22, 2013

U is for United

Today's insightful wisdom is brought to you by one of my favourite philosophers, the Legendary John Cougar Mellencamp, who famously said:

Everybody has got the choice between hotdogs and hamburgers.
Everyone of us has got to choose
Between right and wrong
And giving up
Or holding on.


While some people I know are mystified that I would plaster my life on Facebook, telling the world all my secrets, I find it works as therapy.
When I say, "I'm having a bad day." or "I feel like a failure." my Facebook friends will fill up a page with love and support. Some might see that as a cry for attention.... well, yes, it is.

My friends are all genuine people. There is no teen angst going on here, no showing-off or trying to get some boy to show an interest.
When I cry for help, it's because I need it.
Even when I can't say what the problem is, my friends rally round. They lift my heart when it feels to heavy for me to lift myself.

They say delicious things, they remind me that all is not lost, they make me laugh, and sometimes cry a little.

And they do it with the written word. They take the time to type out a response, and if you think that's easy, you don't have predictive text on your phone.

There is great power in the written word. Seeing something in black and white is concrete. Comfort expressed on paper (or a screen) lasts a very long time.


Sometime in life we all need a friend to help us. We can't always do it ourselves.

Maybe we need someone to help us hold on, or to catch us when we fall.

Or maybe you will get the chance to BE that friend.

Never ever underestimate the worth of a kind word or gesture when someone you know is in trouble.


  1. You inspire me Toni.....the things you do and the things you say.....everything you have written above you give back tenfold to others....you have been a source of comfort to me when I have been down and miserable when missing my hubby and you have ALWAYS had something kind to say. You are right though that "need" to see that people are thinking of you and showing their support and love is something we all need from time to time and sometimes we dont stop to tell those we care about how we feel about them until we see that cry for help.... BIG hugs from me!!!

    1. Maree, that is one of the most beautiful and touching things anyone has EVER told me. Thankyou.

  2. Aw, sweetie, I feel like I missed something (like, perhaps a chance to give you a virtual hug). You have such a beautiful, generous heart, no wonder you are surrounded by the same. I hope the heaviness has lifted and you are feeling lighter. xo


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