Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm back!

Wow, I haven't posted in a week! But I have a good excuse. Poor little Katie has eczema, and it has flared up really badly. You would not be able to put your hand on her body without touching at least one patch of it, and she has been up all night with itching on a few occasions.
An angel (mum of another little girl with bad eczema, amongst other things) gave us some Dermeze, which seems to be helping a LOT. Some of the patches are now just dots, and as long as she doesn't get too hot, she's fine.
Last night, I forgot. Because it was cold, I piled her doona on her, and she woke up an hour later, crying with the itchies. Did I feel bad?


  1. That sounds very annoying and painful Toni, I feel for you and your gorgeous girl, praying for a speedy recovery, Tiff.

  2. Hope that cream works for Katie Toni, it's horrible when they are itching especially at night when they need to rest which helps with the healing process...
    At least she has an awesome mom looking after her....

  3. Going to be hard not to rug her up with winter here, poor baby. Hope the cream helps enough that you can both get some relief.


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