Monday, March 26, 2012


I've not done much today, considering how busy I've been!!

I did some grocery shopping, and called in to the travel agency to pick up brochures, got two craft projects out the way that need to be sent this week, made a movie date with a friend to see Iron Lady, got my grandsons' birthday presents organised, planned dinner, and cleaned up the hideous mess I made while completing two craft projects.

And now it's nearly time to go collect the kiddies.

The house is a mess but we have food. I guess they'll be happy with that.


  1. sounds like a FULL PRODUCTIVE DAY to me Toni !!!!!!

  2. I often have those days when you feel as though you have nothing to show for your busy-ness.

    Still, you deserve to put your feet up and scoff copious amounts of chocolate or something.

  3. Of course they'll be happy with that. Kids never notice the messes, they're far too concerned with what's for dinner and what's on TV.
    Ask them 30 years from now and I bet they NEVER say mum always had the house in a mess. I bet they DO say mum always had a good dinner for us, time for us, etc.

  4. Travel brochures .... so where are you off to !!!!!


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