Friday, November 9, 2012


Oh, noes. The other day, I found myself morphing into one of 'THOSE' people .... you know, the ones who park their precious car across several bays in a carpark?

In my defence, (shut UP spell check. It is SO spelled DEFENCE in Australia)

Ummmm... so what was I saying? Oh yes, in my defenCe, the car I was driving is my husbands' honking big truck that I don't know where the corners of it are.
(thank God there's no grammar check, eh?)

And I really didn't want to scrape up the side of the nice car next to me.

And that is why I took up 4 parks at Bunnings. Yes, 4.

Shame on me!


  1. As someone who's had a four wheel drive use my once pristine Magna as a touch parking guide, I appreciate your parking choice!

    1. Thanks!! and there were literally dozens of empty spaces in the park, AND I didn't take the shady ones :)

  2. You found four empty spaces together? At Bunnings? Did you get there before dawn?


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