Wednesday, November 7, 2012


What IS it with kids and shoesandsocks?

I have never knowingly allowed my children to go to school without shoesandsocks.
Every morning, it's
"Oopsies, you haven't got your shoesandsocks."

"Don't forget your shoesandsocks."

"Get your shoesandsocks on!"

"WHERE are your shoesandsocks?"

And STILL they try to get into the car barefoot.

Once, in the middle of winter, my son make a gasping noise as we pulled into the school carpark.




"Well, it's just that I forgot my shoesandsocks."

Child holds up small, blue, wet-from-dew, naked foot.

HOW, for the love of God, do you cross a wet lawn and a gravel driveway, in winter, without noticing that you have no shoesandsocks?

We do karate twice a week. Well, the kids do karate, while I sit and read. Every time, I say to them,

"Get your bag, make sure you have your gloves and mouthguard, fill your waterbottle, and put on your shoesandsocks."

Then I repeat about the shoesandsocks until it's time to go.

Every time, they arrive and then whinge as they hop barefoot across the bindii infested lawn.
I don't care. (Well, I do, a little) -- but they KNOW the bindiis are there. And yet they refuse the shoesandsocks.

I just can't figure them out.


  1. I remember living in Brisbane and sending the kids out to play every day with bare feet. So if we went out anywhere that socks and shoes were required, it was a real treat and they couldn't wait to put them on!

    1. I would let them go barefoot more if there weren't so many bindiis here.

  2. Glad it is not just my crew who do this. What is the deal!?!

    1. Maybe it's a plot to drive parents bonkers.


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