Friday, December 5, 2008

Shipping News

My cousin Jo is the family researcher, and from time to time she comes up with some amazing stuff.

Like this - our paternal grandfather died well before we were born, so we never knew him. But Jo managed to find some kind of distant inner-spring relative of ours who had these images on his on-line tree.

This is the Orsova, the ship my grandfather (Earnie) sailed to Australia on in 1927

and the passenger list showing his name and age -- he was 18! and is recorded as a plumbers' mate.

Seeing these documents (absolute GOLD for a scrapbooker!) has led me to search the National Archives of Australia ( for my maternal great-grandparents records - if any.
I wasn't sure there would be - they came to Australia from Germany (coincidentally, also in 1927)
But yes, I found the passenger list (possibly) and also - possibly - my greatgrandfathers' naturalisation papers!
I have requested copies so won't be sure what is actually contained in the files until they come through (which could take a few weeks)

The most astonishing thing was my reaction to seeing my greatGrandads' name on the site - I burst into tears! I wish I had known him better. They were both amazing people.

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  1. love what u done with the pics. might do an 'olden days' album.
    quiet xmas here,which is never a bad thing. the kids did very well this year.


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