Friday, December 19, 2008


Today I'm thinking about being thankful.

I am a SAHM, and I'm so grateful that I have that luxury. I don't WANT to go out into the workforce, I LIKE being at home -- and thanks to my husband, I can do exactly that.

I'm looking at all the luxuries I have in my home -- electricity, running water, airconditioning -- and I'm thinking of my grandmother and great-grandmother, who had to contend with shacks, dirt floors, wash tubs, lamps, heat, snakes, carting water, constant worrying over money....
They worked so hard all their lives and were just amazing women (well, my Nana still is!)
Makes me think I'm a bit spoilt, and take so much for granted. Having all these luxuries isn't a right, it's a privilege. I've been blessed, and I need to keep that in mind, especially the next time I'm whinging because the linen cupboard is too small to hold all our winter blankets, or because the kitchen sink drains a bit too slowly!

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