Friday, June 5, 2009


Well I had never heard of inchies a short time ago. One of the girls at Hybrid organised a swap, where we had to make 100 x 1 inch square pieces of chippie, decorated in one colour. I signed up late, so I got to go halves in both green and yellow, YAY! only 50 of each colour....
Actually it's easier than it sounds, once you have an idea what to do.
We send them off and then get back 100 inchies, 10 in each of the colours, which we can assemble to make a wall-hanging. I will post a pic of the finished product, however meantime here's a sneak-peek of the yellows and greens I made today.

PS sorry for the blurry pic, taken at night -- not that it would matter much, I need to take a photography class!


  1. Toni they are gorgeous I always hide under the bed when there is an inchie swap any where they would send me crazy yep I know I am already that way lol

  2. What a great idea, love your inches.
    Tracy :)

  3. They look gorgeous Toni! I'm still battling with mine ... I think I only have 20 to go, I can't say I've enjoyed them all that much. I am pretty keen to have a go at ATCs though ... I think they bigger size might be more my 'thing'.

  4. What a fantastic job Toni.......I cant wait til we get these little suckers to make they wall hanging

  5. Wow! They look fantaxtic! I never would know what to put on them - but you have done a fantastic job !!


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