Friday, June 19, 2009


So Katie didn't sleep well last night. She was all snobbly and kept waking up to blow her nose, usually crying as well.
This morning she is playing happily with Jack and still sniffing.
I have given her some cold medicine and she is nice and warm, but with whooping cough still going around town (the kids are on another 2 week break from school) here is what I am NOT going to do:
I am NOT going to take them into the shops. If I have to go, the kids will wait in the car.
I am NOT going to take them to the park, or any other public place.
I am NOT going to take them visiting, so they will not cough and sneeze all over someone elses' child.
And I am going to hope and pray that she hasnt picked up whooping cough from school.


  1. Poor Katie hope she is OK xxxx

  2. Toni I have left something for you on my blog.xx

  3. That really sucks for you Toni, I hope the two weeks go by quickly for you all...
    I hope Katie dosen't catch it.....


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