Saturday, October 30, 2010


We're not big show attenders (attendees?)
In the last 10 years, we've been to 2 shows (both tiny) and so this year, we decided to splash out and take the kiddies along for a bit of a treat.
We braced ourselves for the hideous prices (admission was OK but OMG $23 for a SHOWBAG??)and rugged up warm (good thing too, as Beachtown weather is always Arctic for the Show).
We wandered through the displays of tractors and caravans, spent some time in the Scitech tent, and chatted to our friends in the Drug Action tent (gee. One standard glass of wine isn't as big as I had thought).
Fabio dunked the Mens' Group man (highlight of the day, according to Mr 9).
The kids had a ride, and Mr 9 shot cans (astoundingly well) and won a prize for his sister.
The Princess caught a large plastic fish and won a hideous looking pink and brown bear which she adores.
We neatly avoided the Laughing Clowns and The Claw, and instead purchased showbags (Barbie and ArmySomething which contained a very LOUD gun)
We ate hot donuts and fairy floss, watched Mr 9 on the bumper cars, briefly visited the photography/art/craft displays, watched some motorbike stunt riders, and waited for the fireworks, which were utterly spectacular.

I always say I don't really like the Show, but I think I'm lying to myself.
Apart from the constant fear of my small-town kids wandering off in a big crowd, there's something about the agricultural displays, the gaudy tinsel, shrieks and screams and roar of diesel engines from Sideshow Alley, the deliciously unhealthy food, and all those shiny tractors, that just might lure me back next year......


  1. Well Toni glad you had a great time.
    and yes they are fun.
    Toni pop over to my bog I have something too share. xxx

  2. Toni, it sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time at THE SHOW!!!!!

  3. I'm such a sucker for a showbag (or 6!!) - they're my secret real reason for going to the show!!

    Happy travels!!

  4. Showbags are hugely overpriced and contain mostly crap and one good thing.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your day though, I think small town shows are better than the big city ones.


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