Monday, October 18, 2010

this is The Day when things fall into place

Today, Fabio comes home.

In fact, he has already landed in WA and is on his way home right now. In his very own car. (he doesn't get to drive in the Philippines)
He met a guy in an airport somewhere in Asia who lives in the same town as us (go figure) so is giving him a lift -- which means he has someone to talk to and help him stay awake.

Mr 8 is happy and sad today. He's going on a school camp this morning, and won't see his dad till Wednesday afternoon.
The Princess thinks she might need a photo of Mr 8 to remind her of him until he gets back.

Mr 17 is still asleep and oblivious to the chaos. Half his luck.

And I must away, to pack lunches and braid hair and find lost school items.


  1. ENJOY your time with your MAN Toni xxxxx

  2. Hi! Love your blog! Hope the homecoming is FAAAABULOUS!

    Happy travels!!

  3. Where's your button? I needs me a button from your blog! xoxo

    And yay for your upcoming reunion!!

  4. Will he be staying for a while or just passing through?


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