Friday, October 29, 2010

time travel

I would imagine nearly everyone has seen this clip, purportedly from the premiere for a Charlie Chaplin film, Circus.
Chaplins' Time Traveler
If you haven't, go watch. I'll wait.

*hums to self*

K -- now whether that is a cross-dressing Irishman time travelling back to the opening of a CC film, or a woman yapping to her collar, or a hoax, I don't know.
The interesting thing is, that so many people are talking about this, and the ones who aren't decrying it outright sound... well... wistful.

I think lots of us really wish we could travel through time!
Obviously, most of us would have mistakes or regrets in our lives that we'd like to do over... and some of us (the really lucky ones) might have moments they'd like to re-live.

Me... yep, regrets and mistakes galore. A few moments I'd like to re-live, definitely.
And many, many historical moments I'd like to see for myself!
How cool would it be to go back in time and attend Victorias' Coronation?
Glide through the streets of Renaissance Venice?
Watch a Viking longship set sail?
Shove John Lennon out of the way? (and dodge the bullet yourself)
or see some huge dinosaur clomp by? (providing you had a safe viewing spot and it wasn't a T-Rex, of course)

I'm just not so sure I would pick the premiere of a Charlie Chaplin movie to attend.


  1. :) Toni, i think we all have a few things we wish we could "Time Travel" back and change !!!! interesting theory!!!!

  2. Yeah, wouldn't you want to go back and solve life's great mysteries or something? Like why did the dinosaurs die out? Or who really shot JFK?? Or what causes crop circles??? The CC thing seems kind of banal!

    Happy travels!!

  3. Sometimes I could nearly cry, I want to time-travel so bad! Victoria's coronation is DEFINITELY one of the things I would want to see! I love Victoriana - we even gave our daughter Victoria as a middle name after her ;)

    I'd love to go back to the Tudor court too.

    And meet my parents as kids.


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