Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WHY is it so?

See this?

Science has given us a telescope that can take pictures of stars and other shiny stuff millions of light years away -- but it cannot give us a reasonably-priced underwire bra where the wires stay put and do not stab holes into your armpits or pop their little heads up between your boobs like a mini-erection.
Why is it so?

PS -- see what I did there? I used to love that old Professor.


  1. LMAO!

    they don't make money from the stars ;) if we had that perfect bra, we'd never buy another and they'd go broke. boo hoo for them

  2. DAMN GOOD QUESTION Miss Toni !!!!!!!!

  3. Reasonably priced. Ha Ha. Is there such a thing?

  4. Try Annalise for fuller coverage - lurve 'em! xox


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