Sunday, December 26, 2010

damn those rich bastards

Today, I read an article which quoted the Archbishop of Canterbury muttering on about how rich people need to 'shoulder their share of the load during the economic downturn'.

STABBY, much?

Need I point out that wealthy people actually don't take the dollars out of anyones' pocket? Wealthy people CREATE wealth. They CREATE businesses, industry, employment, opportunities. They EARN their money. Even the ones who inherit pots of money need to keep on top of it, or they lose it.
They pay truck-loads of tax (most of them), and they give money away to all kinds of charities and people without trumpeting about it (yes, Dick Smith, I'm looking at YOU).

I'm sick to death of this mean-spirited attitude toward 'rich bastards'. It smacks of envy, and it's ugly.

How about, governments need to ENCOURAGE people to earn more, to create more wealth? How about, aid agencies need to root out the corruption and waste that sees charity dollars reduced to a pittance? How about, we need to encourage and assist the seriously poor to better their own circumstances, instead of waiting around for a hand-out?

How about we stop trying to make wealthy people pay for daring to do better?


  1. And some of the more established organised religions aren't exactly known for their poverty, either!!

    Happy post-Xmas!!

  2. Well said! Although we are not rich, my hubs is a high income earner and we are penalized ridiculously for it by the government and get nothing in return!

  3. I so agree with all of this! It is much harder to teach people to fish than give them the fish, especially if you are not the one catching it. I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. To accept, please visit I hope you enjoy your award and that you are having a fantastic time this holiday season.

  4. Thanks, all. We're not wealthy either -- but we have aspirations :)
    and we see how hard people work to get where they are.

  5. So agree with DaniV above.
    I earn a high salary and was in the highest tax bracket in Australia. All that means is I lose 42% of my income in tax and end up with less actual cash than most people I know! We could never work out why we were "struggling" (used under extreme advisement) there.
    It's much better here - 13% highest tax rate.


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