Friday, December 10, 2010

Plan A. And B. And C.


I have a new plan, which is to win Lotto this week and open a shop that sells everything Tim Holtz makes (or uses) and then spend all my time making these little goodies. (when I'm not ringing up the register, that is. Ka-CHING!)

Isn't he AMAZING???? You see why I need it all, don't you? I so want to make some of these exquisite things.

Oh, and I'll probably buy a house too. With room for all my new stash.


  1. WAKE UP TONI!!!!!!!! your dreaming again hehehehehe!!! wouldnt it be luverly!!!!

  2. That plan sounds like pure genius!!! Might adopt it myself (the 'win the lottery' bit, that is)

    Happy travels!!

  3. *snap*
    Win lotto-buy house, that's my plan too.


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