Saturday, December 11, 2010

I betcha I can plait my underarm hairs.

So. Going to be very busy this weekend.

See, Fabio comes home in just 3 days, and he's been away for 6 weeks, and I've kinda let things go.
Things like -- the hair on my legs. Has not been attended to all that time and is now so long it's itchy. Which has been sort of a plus through the colder days, because it's added an extra layer of warmth. However, I'm thinking hubs will not like lying next to something that feels like a small animal. So -- shaving the legs.

Also -- underarms. Seriously... so long now I betcha I could plait it. I haven't tried but it's so long it lies down flat instead of poking out, and is quite interesting in a very gross kind of way.

Also -- the biggest problem with red hair (in addition to being teased and called horrible offensive names like ranga, having freckles and whiter-than-white skin, and serious colour clashes with anything remotely fashionable every year) is the blond-blond-blond eyelashes and eyebrows. (which are even more luminous now that I'm daily discovering white ones in there too. Thank goodness they're mostly confined to my eyebrows, and haven't made any serious advances on my head yet, though I expect that one morning, I'll wake up with a full head of white hair and frighten my poor husband to death. Not to mention myself).
Anyway, the brows and lashes need a dye job, STAT. This will do away with the raccoon look I've been cultivating because I can never remember to clean off the mascara before bed.

Plus I need to wash and straighten my hair, which left to its' own devices, looks and feels like coconut fibre.

And I'm doing all this for Fabios' sake, when really, he's been away for 6 WEEKS. He's so keen he'd probably shag a slipper if it laid still long enough.
But a wife's gotta do what a wife's gotta do, right?

Now I'm off to douse myself in strong chemicals.


  1. hehehehehe hahahahahaha

    PMSL Toni xxxxxxx

    hehehehehehehehehehehehe xxxx

  2. You're hilarious! Since I'm single and not currently looking, I don't have to worry about things like shaved legs. It's freeing, but kind of gross.

  3. I'm so lucky! I can ignore the shaving routine for months and all I get is stubble under the arms and a light feathering on the legs, barely visible.

  4. My husband's so unlucky...I pretty much have legs like that right now, and he's been here the whole time! ;)
    Enjoy the reunion ;)


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