Monday, December 6, 2010

how I nearly set my car on fire. Sort of.

So early this morning while driving Teenager to work, a car pulled onto the highway in front of me, and some large piece of blue fabric flew off it's (roof?) and landed on the road right in time for me to drive straight over it.
I looked in the rearview mirror and SHOCK! the Blue Thing had vanished.
Right away, a hundred thoughts ran through my mind.

OH MY GOD the Blue Thing is trapped under my car! What if it's sitting on the exhaust and it gets hot and catches fire? My car will burn down on the highway! And how will I get the kids to school? Oh, how's our insurance? Nope, we got the renewals last month and it's all sorted. Whew. Maybe I should stop? But Teenager will be Late For Work (a near-hanging offence in our household, according to Fabio) Maybe I'll just drive till I smell smoke and then stop? Oh, wait, is that smoke I smell? Yes, it is. OH NO -- oh wait, I can see smoke haze in the distance and it smells like the rubbish tip so not me. Thank God.

This kind of garbage went on till we got to Teenagers' work, when the Blue Thing (turned out to be a large towel) obligingly fell out from under my car in the carpark.

It didn't look even remotely singed, but I wondered what the owner would think when he discovered his towel utterly vanished from his car. And then imagined him driving to Maccas for a burger and finding his towel in the carpark. How funny would THAT be?

It must have been the day for losing stuff from cars though -- because within the space of a block, I also saw a kiddies cup and a blue plastic box by the side of the road.

But the yayest bit? I don't have to explain to Fabio how a towel caught my car on fire.


  1. LOL your a nutter!!
    But I so understand you thought process........I do the same thing!

  2. I think you are perfectly sane, and I do the exact same thing..If I drive over/past a snake on the road I am terrified it will fly up underneath the car....

    Would you mind doing me a huge favour and voting for me here..I'm listed at number 50 atm,.I'd be ever so grateful xxx

  3. OMG you're a cack. I have tears streaming down my face......

  4. ROFL!! That is hysterical. I pictured it completely. You are a girl after my own mind absolute nutter, and a worry wart (but I prefer to call it "emergency management expert" given I'm always planning ahead for absolutely any event ... including car fires on highways)
    Freakin hysterical ...

  5. thanks *smiles modestly*

    and YAY I am now borrowing that 'official' title -- Emergency Management Expert. I have been planning ahead for events that never happened, all my life.


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