Sunday, May 22, 2011


You know how some women pile on the makeup and then take a dip in their perfume? If you've ever stayed in a motel or resort, and smelt strong perfume in the pillow, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

On Saturday, the agent who's handling the sale of the house brought two couples through, while we took a walk on the beach.
I already felt weird that strangers were walking through my home and looking at everything, so you can imagine how I felt when I let myself back into the house to be greeted by the smell of Other Women -- in every room!!!

I had to open all the doors and windows, and light oil burners to get rid of it. But it took a lot longer to get past the creepiness of knowing I'd had Strangers in my home.....


  1. I remember that feeling from when I was a kid and we sold our house. Coming back inside and wondering if they've touched any of my stuff. Creepy indeed.

  2. One of the worst parts of selling a home. Then shortly after having to call the realtor who left all the lights on or the back door unlocked. Again.

  3. I swear some women actually bathe in the stuff.
    I remember coming home after inspections and checking every drawer and cupboard to make sure everything was still there. Yep, I'm the suspicious type when it comes to strangers in my home when I'm not there.

  4. I hate that feeling. I especially hate leaving just before the inspection starts and walking past all the families/couples walking in! It just feels wrong.


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