Sunday, May 29, 2011

I feel like making stuff

In the last few days, I've started creating again. It's hard because I feel a real heaviness of spirit and I need to jolt myself into a space where I can make stuff and be happy. But it helps me not feel so sad when I can do it.

Anyway, here's a couple of things I've done.

I'm doing a set of tags called 31 Days of Music (or it might be 30 yet. Or 22. Or 14.  Depends how fast I run out of steam.)
Anyway, this one I've very proud of, as I used bleach and inks to get the background. And also I totally loved David Tennant as the Doctor and cried like a big sook at the end of his reign.


I made this voodoo doll for my son, and I've posted it to him so I hope he likes it (might seem like a weird thing to give an 18 yo but he asked for one!)  The pattern is very easy and if I don't faff around, I can make one over 2 nights of telly. Even though I am the Worst Knitterer in the World.

And here is a bit of a combination of Dr Who and voodoo.....

John Simm.
Best. Bad Guy. EVER.


I've also done some scrapbooking

(this was mostly made from a kit I bought from Shop and Crop scrapbooking a VERY long time ago)

 and I also made a gift for a friend which I can't put up here in case she sees it.

I love to make things. And I love to be always trying new stuff. And I really love to make things for other people :)


  1. Toni, its great to hear that you are CREATING AGAIN !!!!! keep it up girl !!!!!!

  2. I love those tags! It's like the 30 Days of Music meme that's going round, but WAY BETTER! :) Hope you get to 30...

  3. thanks Jade. I love music and I often play it (loud) while I'm playing with inks and paint.

  4. Loving the tags and the page - David Tennant stole my heart and it has taken ages to be able to watch the new Doctor and rejoice in his style of Doctoring.
    I am so loving that page that I hope you don't mind, but I think I need to copy it! You Muse, you!

  5. :D
    thanks chick, and thanks for stopping by!


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