Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chisel and self-doubt.....

So, Fabio and I had a major barney a while back, about Easter.
Turns out he had absentmindedly arranged for us to go to Perth for a Cold Chisel concert for Saturday night, and we (I) had to do some re-shuffling of plans and expectations which never goes down well.

Plus I don't even like Chisel. Never have.

Plus there were going to be a bunch of Wives present, only one of whom I'd met, and I was extremely worried that I would (again) make an idiot of myself by doing something stupid (possible) or saying something even stupider (probable).

However, and on the other hand, Husband. Rarely asks me to do anything I don't want to, asked me to do this for him.

So we packed up the kids Sat morning and off we went.

Long drive.

Are we there yet?

Finally arrived at our friends' house, got the kids settled, got dressed, girded loins, and set out to The Do.
Handily forgetting the camera, so you'll have to imagine all this part.

We met up with The Wives (and their assorted men) at a pub, and of course they were all gorgeous (The Wives)and I felt like a frump, and then we all got chatting and learned a bit about each other, and they were still all gorgeous, but I realised something-- these women were people, just like me!!
All of them had been a bit unsure about meeting up, and all of us were really enjoying ourselves!

Yes, yes, there may have been wine and margaritas involved, but we were actually having a good time talking, and I have no idea why, as women, we get so intimidated by each other.

Do we have like an Ideal Woman Pattern in our heads, that we expect others will think we should live up to? or is that just me?

Anyway, we went to the Chisel do in a limo, and it was OK, and if Fabio asks me to do another one of these things, I'll be more than happy to meet up with those girls again! Maybe not at another Chisel concert though.
Maybe we'd just sit in the limo next time, and have ourselves a little party!

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  1. How nice that you all relaxed enough to have a great time. even better that you're willing to do this again at some time.


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