Sunday, April 15, 2012

I DO love a good frock. And I'm not a Logies watcher, but I do love to have stickybeak at what the Girls are Wearing.

And could you get better than this?

Isn't Asher Keddie beautiful? I've only seen her as Ita, so I don't know the other stuff she's been in, but she was a fantastic Ita!!

And this dress is just gorgeous.


  1. I love Asher, and her dress. Offspring's 3rd season starts on Wednesday on Ten. Soooo good! Her wardrobe has a bit of a cult following on FB. And Dr Patrick is to die for. You should watch.

  2. Yes I loved her dress it was one of my favorites xx

  3. I agree with you Toni ... BEAUTIFUL DRESS !!!!!!!

  4. When I grow up I want to look just like that!!

  5. Toni the dress won !!!!!I am so glad, it was defiantly the best !!!

  6. That is a gorgeous dress on a lovely girl.


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