Tuesday, May 8, 2012

clean the dirt off your soul

I was just reading a post on reverse graffiti. Heard of it? Me either.

Reverse graffiti is art made by cleaning the grime and dirt off a surface to create images. Like this

(click on the photo to go to the source article)

Being of a philosophical frame of mind today, I thought -- people are like that. When you clean off the dirt and grime caused by years of life and it's accumulations of disappointment and sadness and hurt, we are works of art underneath.


We all start out with beautiful souls. What happens along the way?

A little bit of truth and love in a person's life is like the power washer that cleans the filth off a city sidewalk. And we can all find someone who needs a little lovin'. A kind word, really listening to someone (even if it's boring), giving someone a little of your time and encouraging them when they fall -- these are little things.... but they're so big.

I forget to do this all the time -- even with the people I love the most.

Today, I'm going to make some effort. Ima make me some ART.


  1. HOW TRUE your words are Toni !!!!! ENJOY "makin you some ART" xxx

  2. How cool is that reverse graffiti?? But even cooler is your interpretation of it - and application to everyday life.

    I look forward to joining you in becoming an artist!!!


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