Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pinterest spam. Spin?

If you don't use Pinterest (I know there are still a few of you left) please feel free to click away now.

For those of you who do, you'll have noticed that over the last few days, there has been a LOT of spam pinning -- mostly for products (particularly fashion items).

If you want to help fight it, here's what to do...

click on the Pin so it opens (preferably in a new tab or window)
now on the RIGHT-HAND SIDE you'll see REPORT PIN. Click on it.


Now, click on SPAM and you're done.

I don't know how much good it'll do. Personally I hope the spammers immediately receive a shipment of flea-infested monkeys playing recorders, and that someone has the good sense to post a picture of the mayhem.

Be careful, though. Sometimes well-meaning people categorise your boards and so your pins end up in categories they weren't meant to be in.

You can tell by looking at the board the pinner has put the pin in.

Like this:

The crafty rose thing has been categorised wrongly by someone as HUMOUR.
The ring has been spammed -- it's been Pinned into HUMOUR deliberately.

Right. That's my Community Service obligation fulfilled for this week. I'm off to look at more Pinterest.


  1. Actually I had noticed a lot of spam lately and it is really annoying given that I am being spammed with sexually orientated pictures of women. I couldn't figure out how to report it but now I know, Thanks! Thumbs up for you.

  2. Oh, you're welcome!! I've been mostly seeing fashion items and jewellery, and they've been clogging up the site. VERY annoying!!

  3. Same as Tanya, I see more and more "adult" stuff on pinterest: user has a cute girl profile pic, follows thousands of people, has FB or Twitter linking to adult stuff and pins sexy photos. I have reported a few of them, no action from pinterest. they are spammy but pinterest don't act.

    Then there is those sellers of counterfeit cheap fake Chinese designer stuff: linking to shady website selling fakes. If pinterest don't act, contacting the designers works well (pinterest WILL be liable if they promote the sale of fakes by not taking these pins down)


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