Friday, May 25, 2012

Twice yesterday, I was told I am an awesome mummy.

*cue sound of own trumpet*

This would be normally be welcome news, but I didn't actually do anything very marvellous.

I took a long-sleeved T to school for Mr 10, as he was going on a farm excursion and wasn't supposed to be in his uniform shirt. The school secretary told me (several times) what a great mummy I am for bringing him the shirt.

Mr Nearly19 rang me up from our favourite (INDEPENDENT) bookstore and asked for a set of TinTin books for his birthday, so I went in and bought them for him. The bookstore lady told me several times what a great mum I am for buying him the books.

It was nice to get the pats on the back, cos let's be honest, the boys didn't thank me.

But really -- how low is the expectation of parenting these days???

Fetching stuff for your kids all day is what mothers do. It's the only reason we exist, isn't it?



  1. Well you are a good woman for a start to shout out and support independent book stores. I don't know how things will unfold for you but in my house it was when they got to about 21 that they started saying to me personally, "you're a great Mum" I just think it takes them a bit of life skills to find the appreciation. I think it will come

  2. Sometimes it takes a stranger to see the good that others take for granted. You are a great mum!

    And yes, re the bookstores. I was only thinking today how I used to be a bargain book hunter off the throw away tables outside major stores at malls ... but now that I am an author the clearance tables of the big stores actually make me feel a little bit ill.

  3. Tin Tin books? - you're not a great Mum . . . you're an AWESOME Mum.

  4. I hear ya! The cake taking goes to my husbie, though. He gets praised every time he goes anywhere with his own kids. Oooh, look at you minding the children, they say. Drives me nuts!

    I think I've told you before that your blog doesn't show up in my iPad? Sigh. It's why I'm hardly ever here even though I love ya. x

  5. I don't know what it is with iPad -- can't seem to get any answers either. Does it console you to know you're not the only one, though?

  6. You know what the height of good mommyhood is for me? When I slave over a complicated and healthy meal in the kitchen, bring it to the table and am greeted by, "ewwww, gross"....and I *don't* happen to drop it in their laps. That is awesome parenting.


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