Monday, July 2, 2012

are these YOUR fingerprints, Miss?

disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I don't do those.

Well, except for that one time when I did a vibrator post. But, you know, that was different. There were ... *ahem* .... benefits.

I bought some of those Viva TV wipes today. You might have seen the ads?

Well, my god! they WORK. Yes, really.

And here's why -- the stuff on the cleaning cloths (whatever it is) doesn't evaporate off the screen as fast as a spray on glass cleaner, and so you get a chance to dry it with the (provided) microfibre cloth, and avoid streaking.

(Please, yes, for the love of all that's beautiful, let's avoid streaking. In any form.)

Of course, I DID clean the telly stone cold, it hasn't been on all day. That probably helps.

But yeah, I'm sold.


  1. I bet this post is sponsored. All you bloggers are all sponsored and make thousands of dollars to write shit about shit companies. You know what to do with that vibrator, lady. Shove it where the sun don't shine (and neither does your tv). Yeah.


    PS - what?! No Anonymous option? I'm screeeewed!!!! x

  2. HAHA this made me laugh. A LOT.


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