Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eat your hay, Neddy...

I do not get why people eat muesli bars.
I mean, if they blow your hair back, good onya, but to me they taste like something out of a chaff bag.

Yes, even Nigella's!

The only good thing to do with muesli is this:

get an unsweetened, untoasted muesli with as much fruit in it as possible (but not paw-paw)
(because it's GROSS, that's why)

(it's probably not even paw-paw, you know. It's probably flavoured cardboard)

Anyway, pour some water on top of your muesli -- oh, wait -- first put the muesli in a microwave-able bowl. NOT PLASTIC. Just in case They're right about plastic in the microwave causing cancer, or whatever.

Now add water. Enough to just cover the muesli.

Now put it in the microwave and cook it for a couple of minutes.

Now, add your cold milk and sweetener (if you must) and eat it up.

It's pretty filling and very yum on a cold morning.


  1. OMG Toni ..... how can you say that about "Nigella's Muesli Bars" ????? LOL LOL luv 'em !!!!!!!!

  2. I don't make muesli bars. I make a slab of anzac biscuit and cut it into squares. Because, even when I try to make biccies, they turn into a slab.

  3. this is a fab idea 'seasidechick' !!!!!

  4. I just add milk and cook it like it was porridge.
    It's oats with added extras right?
    Just like my porridge.

  5. those paw-paw things taste so bad!
    they're just used to skew the fruit percentage stats
    sometimes they are softish, and may have originated as fruit, but usually they're tough and heavy compact gelatinised sugar cubes

    down with fake paw-paw things!


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