Thursday, July 12, 2012

how's YOUR week been so far?

1. I've spent hours Googling, to end up with a Gallifreyan translator. Now I can write ANY WORD I WANT in Gallifreyan! OH the giddy excitement.

No, REALLY. I am so excited!

2. I spent more hours (many) (happy) Googling and downloading TARDIS pictures to stick in my SMASH book. Some have quotes from the show. Happy face.

3. I had an interesting conversation on Facebook that started talking about dyeing testicles and finished with someone getting an eyeful of pierced clitoris.
Not. Even. Kidding.

4. I finished re-watching series 9 of Grand Designs. Happy face. Seriously, how could you get MORE creative than to design and build your OWN HOME??

5. Still reading A Song of Ice and Fire, trying very hard to eke it out because book 6 is not yet published.

6. I've created some papery pieces and helped The Princess make a birthday card for her friend. I love it that she's so into making things herself. Though I wish she would STOP TAKING THE GOOD SCISSORS!

7. I took the kids grocery shopping and survived. Spent a fortune, but survived! Mr 10 got a New Book, which he is devouring. YES!

8. I knitted 2 more rows of The Princess' scarf. At this rate, she'll be able to finish it herself for her own daughter.

So how's your week going?


  1. Gallifreyan translator? Where is Gallifreyan from? One of the Dr Who worlds?
    As for #3....eeuuwww!!!

    1. Gallifrey is the Doctors' home planet -- sadly destroyed in the Time War :(

  2. What wonderful adventures you have :-)
    Such an awesome week. I have a Klingon dictionary and you have a Gallifreyian translater. We live in an amazing world. :D

    1. We certainly do. Filled with amazing people :)

  3. I really like it that she is so into creating factors herself.


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