Sunday, July 1, 2012

A prickly problem

For quite a few years now, I've had a little problem with nana whiskers.
I started growing them in my mid-30s, and while they were a bit of an affront, I've mostly been able to deal with them.
(by 'deal with them', I really mean, agitate over them till they're long enough to pull out)
But yesterday, to my utter horror, I found an actual bristle sprouting on my top lip.
A MAN whisker. Not borrowed from my husband.

Yanking it out hurt like billy-o and made my eyes water, and the good feeling I got from having it gone was tempered with the knowledge that the damn thing is probably a scout and that more are on the way.

I only hope I don't wake up one day looking like Chewbacca.


  1. I have ONE that grows out of the side of my jaw. I've had it for about six months. Drives me batty! I yank it as soon as it gets long enough for the tweezers to grab onto.

  2. I have a witch's mole, on my chin, that sprouts forth many whiskers. I've plucked them out so many times, I no longer feel it. I also suffer from the female mo'. *Sigh* Which reminds me, I need to go and defuzz my face.

  3. Ooh ouch! I have one that grows from a mole on my throat, and a single fine blonde hair that grows in that little dip between nose and top lip.

  4. Want to feel better? I have THREE of these monster bristles . . . on my right breast. Black, coarse & heinous, NOTHING makes it go away.

    And, while it may be hidden for the most part it, when it is uncovered it is depressing beyond belief!


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