Friday, August 3, 2012

friend of a friend of a friend... where does it end?

Are you on Facebook?

If not, click away now. This will make no sense.

Right -- first off, we're not going to talk about Timeline. It's happened, get over it.

Second -- I've been noticing that friends of friends can comment on your stuff, if I comment on it.
Which sounds confusing, so let me put it this way....

I have a friend called Spot. I comment on Spot's Facebook post. My friend Fluffy sees Spot's post. He doesn't know Spot from Dot, but adds a comment anyway.

How do we feel about this, Internets?

I'm seeing it happen a LOT, and no-one has said, "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING ON MY STUFF?"
But I get an uneasy feeling, sometimes.

Is it polite to comment when you don't know the person? And they're posting about their life, not their shop or their business?

What do you think?


  1. Sometimes, I want to comment on posts like that, because I want to respond to the comment that was made by my FB friend. But then I think, to the person who actually owns the status, it would be akin to some random stranger joining the conversation you are having with your girlfriends, so I never do....

    1. It's a toughie....

      I sometimes DO comment, and then realise I don;t know that person!

  2. i'm with you on this 100% .. i am new to FB and didnt realise that when i put FRIENDS ONLY on my privacy acc .. it would include 'friends, of friends, of friends, of friends etc ........ I MEANT MY FRIENDS !!!!!!!

  3. So you want me to stop commenting on all your friends' posts? Right-e-o.

  4. I wouldn't comment... it's almost like butting in at a party. You know those people that siddle up when you're talking to someone and then put their 2c worth in? Just listening in to whatever they want.

    But then, I have an aversion to revealing too much about myself despite the fact that I have a Facebook page and a blog and throw my life out into the ether constantly.

    I think it's me with the problem, not Facebook.


    1. It's a bit of a conundrum, isn't it?

      Really, anything you put on Facebook is potentially public.

  5. Its why I don't have Facebook, at all. I am a Twit! Twitter I love, its simple and less of a minefield than facebook

  6. Facebook just keeps getting stranger and stranger. I actually like the Timeline (i know, i know) but I do think that seeing posts by people you don't even know is weird. Also, all the photos circulating. They're cute and funny but many times my news feed is just a reel of funny photos and actual statuses are non existent. Then again, that might be preferable in some cases. I've considered deleting my fb account or just not visiting the site anymore but, holy hell, I'm completely addicted, *HELP!*

    1. I LOVE Timeline. I changed voluntarily months ago and really love how I can customise it.
      I have been looking into all the privacy settings etc and have made my page as safe as I can. and I make extensive use of the HIDE feature, especially when it comes to games etc.
      It all helps.

  7. I'm still completely lost in FB World. They can make whatever changes they like, and I'll stay clueless as ever :)

    I still get amazed at how much it has impacted our lives. Could you have guessed 10 years ago?

  8. It makes me think twice about commenting sometimes because I know that later that day I will see a FB message pop up on my phone and I will stop what I am doing to read what someone I do not know added after my comments....I don't like it at all....


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