Thursday, August 23, 2012

my cover story

I'm one of those weird people who can't sleep in an un-made bed.

If I forget to make it during the day, I have to make it before I get in it -- and if Fabio isn't home, I'll even put all the cushions on before taking enough off to climb in.

AND a wrinkly bottom sheet will wake me up, and I have to rustle around till I get it stretched smooth again.

He calls me Princess With The Pea, but I know it's a joke (right, honey?) and that he greatly appreciates my efforts in the bedroom.

He lives away from home most of the time, and his bedroom experiences are lonely and uninspiring. He has a single bed with motel style bedding.

When he comes home, though, things are considerably more exciting.

I've kept right away from florals, preferring a pretty but very tailored look, and until today, I was keeping to a white, taupe and black scheme.

For the last few months, I've been wanting to move to a very glamorous grey, white, black, silver and glass theme. (Think 50s movie star.)
Hampered by living in a rental, with a cream/peach/grey colour scheme, I won't get what I want till I have my own home, but I can at least dress the bed.

And today, my parcel from I Love Linen arrived, beautifully wrapped in brown paper and string (some of my favourite things).

You might have seen this business being discussed around the blogosphere, but I know some of my personal friends and family wanted to hear what I thought of it. So here we go:

the linen is GORGEOUS, and VERY reasonably priced.
We have a KS bed and sheets usually cost an arm and a leg, IF they have any in stock. And forget bed runners. They only stock for QS in most places.

I bought some white sheets, with a self-stripe. (which won't be going on the bed till the nannie flannie sheets just get too warm.)
I quite surprised myself by buying striped. Normally I feel I have to lie at attention all night on stripes, but these are very subtle and I can't wait for warm weather to try them out.

I also bought a charcoal doona cover and a damask bed-runner.

And here they are!

Things I love?

The pillowcases are HUGE. I fitted our big fat 'display' pillows in, no dramas.

The doona cover is actually KING SIZED!
I can't tell you how annoying it is to buy a KS cover that doesn't actually fit your doona.
Apart from being hard to fit, it means you get a lumpy edge and ... you know... Princess With The Pea....

This one is really generously sized, with loads of drape on either side, so we won't be fighting over who's got all the doona.

And?? TAILORED EDGES! *swoon* -- everything sits flat and straight and looks 'finished'.

Plus, the cotton feels luxurious, and it makes *that* sound when you swipe your hand over it. It IS 1000 count, after all.

I really love how my bed looks. I will definitely be buying from this company again, and I'm happy to recommend them to you.

I'd like to point out that I'm not receiving any payment or inducement to write this post. I just love good products, and I'll recommend them when I find them.


  1. OOOOHHHHH Toni ................... i'm soooooooooooooo jealous .... when onto the site to purchase a King CHARCOAL doona cover and there are none left ???? yours looks AMAZING !!!! lurv the bed runner !!!!!

  2. Brown paper packages tied up with string...(sorry I can't type music)
    Your new linen is gorgeous, self stripes are so very subtle.
    I love the damask runner!
    I know the annoyance of a doona cover that doesn't fit, I have a QS quilt and a QS cover, but the brands are different, so the sizes don't match. The cover is too big, but it has a piped edging so I can't take the seams in and there is NO way I'm buying a new doona. I love my feather and down one.

    1. it IS annoying, why the hell aren't they standard sizes?? ARRGH

      I love piped edges.

  3. HHHMMMmmm... I guess that makes me a slob!! But now that I've seen your bed all dressed up? Maybe I'll smarten up myself!!

    1. Or it COULD be that I'm slightly over-obsessed?

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't it such a good feeling when you love how your bed looks?

  5. Gorgeous!! I love the new look (and the brown paper packed tied up with string...)!

    "Normally I feel I have to lie at attention all night on stripes." - This is great. LOVE.

    I just got new bedding too. Maybe I should do a bedroom re-do post. But I'm doing it in bits and pieces and it will be some time before it all comes together.

    1. Take pics as you go. I'd LOVE to see a NEW ROOM post. XX

    2. Yes, "Normally I feel I have to lie at attention all night on stripes"!! LOL! Ah you funny thing Toni. Lovely, LOVELY looking bed :)

  6. Oh, that looks gorgeous, Toni. I like that! I need a new doona cover to go with my sheets now! :)

    1. Everytime I get into bed I find myself grinning like a fool. I just LOVE it. And I only bought mine because of your post, so thanks Kel.

  7. MY NEW 'i luv linen' stuff has arrived and is on the bed .. LUV IT !!!!!!


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