Monday, August 13, 2012

imagine this

My little girl can't tell me a story while standing still.

She hops, she jumps, she twirls and pirouettes. She's full of Big Stories and they don't come out quietly.

Right now, she's making a canoe for her best friend, Gingie (a stuffed cat). Gingie is going to visit CatLand, and usually she goes by a portal under the Princess' bed, but today she's in a canoe, with a lunchbox and oars and a seatbelt.
She's chatting away to Gingie, who obligingly meows back in all the right places, and there is a big long story about why she's going and what she'll do when she gets there.

I love this about her, how she's full of dreams and adventures.

Yesterday, she was telling me some huge tale of mystery and excitement, and I forget what I said but it was obviously some flat, grown-ups comment, because she looked at me and said, "I have a theory. If you take the imagination out of the child, you don't have the child. The child might as well be dead."

Floored. Me.

Somehow I think she just might take the world when she grows up.


  1. Holy. Crap. What an amazing and insightful thing to say!

  2. I know. I'm still gobsmacked here.

  3. Wow!!! LOVE. This is Danny's future wife, right? Good.

  4. That's a very insightful child, with a fantastic imagination that I hope she never, ever loses.

  5. Wow Toni! That's one smart young lady! x


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