Wednesday, August 15, 2012

put your hand up if your kitchen is full of ammo boxes

You know that moment when your husband asks you to paint a couple of ammo boxes for him?

And then it turns out that they are covered in stickers, that have to be scraped off with a paint scraper, and glue that has to be scrubbed off with eucalyptus oil, and then that has to be washed off with soapy water, and then they have to be spray-painted (white!) bit by bit, because you only have a cardboard box to use as a spraying booth, and then he wants you to stencil peoples' names on them, in red?
And there are ten of them to do?

Or is that just me?


  1. LOL .. i think i remember seeing a few of these in our shed Toni .. from hubby's RAAF days ... definitely WON'T be painting them though!!!!

  2. Orange Power sticky spot and goo remover works better and faster than Eucalyptus oil. Smells nicer too. To me anyway.


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