Friday, October 19, 2012

can't kids just be kids?

The other day, I saw an article that left me feeling very perturbed, in which a mother claims her son openly identifies as gay.

"So what?" you might be thinking.

Well, the child in question is 7.

Now, I'm not gay, but I don't imagine that 7 is a typical age at which to discover your sexual orientation, regardless.

7 year old children shouldn't know what sex IS, in my view. My daughter is 7. She believes her stuffed cat is real, and makes faces with her food.

So I have to wonder if the mother of that child has been influencing him?

I know a number of little boys who wear tutus and high-heeled shoes, who prefer to play with dolls and little girls. They don't self-identify as gay. They just play.

I know a number of young men who played with 'girl stuff' as kids, liking make-up and Barbies. Most of them are actually straight (not that it matters!), and believe me, they didn't grow up with strict gender stereotyping.

Personally, it's none of my business if you're gay or straight. I have friends of all kinds, and I like them for who they are, not what gender they prefer or what colour skin they have, or even what politics they espouse.

I just wonder, why can't we leave the whole issue till our kids hit puberty, and let them just be kids?

PLEASE feel free to discuss, and even disagree. But be warned -- if you leave comments that claim hommasexshals are evil and will burn in hell, I WILL delete them.


  1. I knew my sexual orientation at around 10.
    A few years further on than 7, but still with a limited knowledge of the mechanics, just knowing who I liked and who didn't interest me.
    I have been very careful to ensure my daughter was brought up knowing it is possible and okay to like the same/opposite gender.

  2. I agree 7 is a little to young to be sure, but perhaps he senses something different about himself?
    Time will tell I suppose.
    If the mother is influencing him, then she needs to back off and just let him be himself, whoever that may be.

  3. I think 7 is too young to label the child as gay....for goodness sake let the child be a child...Little Miss K (who is 11) has recently made the connection as to what gay means and sees nothing wrong with it because her Dad and I have quite a few gay friends and we treat them no differently to anyone else.

    ....and you know Toni I have a hubby who still dons a tutu, make up and false eyelashes from time to time but he only likes girls. He has also been known to play Barbie dolls with Little Miss

  4. Whether we know or don't know our 'sexual identity' at 7 is a moot point. Kids of 7 shouldn't be sexual either way, IMO. x

    1. Yup. If they are, I think it likely signifies some problems.


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