Saturday, October 27, 2012

grade three

Allison over at The Pink Fibro has asked us to post our 3rd grade school photo.
I don't have any individual photos from school at all, so here is my Year 2/3 photo from the unbelievably Long Ago 1973.

To save you the effort of trying to find me, I am sitting next to my teacher, and wearing a kind of sailor dress that my Mum made (which I loved to bits).
(Clearly the uniform policy was not strong at my school).
Note the squinched up smirky smile. Thus began my glorious tradition of spoiling photos with stupid expressions (mostly accidental, honestly. I am just ALWAYS the one who is blinking or sneezing or licking my lips)

My teacher is Mrs Cahill, and I adored her. She used to read us The Faraway Tree sometimes. She always asked after me if she ever saw my mum anywhere, even after I'd grown up and moved interstate.

So what about YOU? care to drag out YOUR grade 3 photo? link up with Al, if you do.


  1. Oh I love it! So cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Grade three! Primary school! Didn't we all feel so grown up no longer being in the "infants" section. But the grade seven girls always made us feel like babies again.

  3. Adorable! But your teacher needs to pull her dress down...

  4. I think I buried my grade three picture in grade four. But you are cute as a button here, my love. x


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